Speakers Bureau
Interdependence Day Scranton 2009

Richard Fitzsimmons, Ph.D.
Director of the Library, Penn State Worthington Scranton

Dr. Fitzsimmons will present general comments on Interdependence, and its civic implications and relationships to the community - international, national, regional and local. I will discuss interdependence in social, environmental, economic, political and cultural manifestations. He has participated in Interdependence Day celebrations in past years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Paris, France and Prague, Czechoslovakia..


Sr. Margaret Gannon
Professor of History, Marywood University

Sr. Gannon discusses the interdependent relationship between globalization and our current concerns about immigration.


Jane Martin
Volunteer Curator of African Art, Everhart Museum. Formerly taught African History at various U.S. and West African Universities; directed the U.S. Educational and Cultural Foundation (a binational Fulbright Commission) in Liberia; Senior Program Officer at the Africa America Institute in New York.
Ties That Bind: West Africa and the United States. This talk and discussion will focus on the perceptions that we have of West Africa, that West Africans have of us, and how we can better relate to and understand our African neighbors, ours relationships and the world of which we are a part. Examples will be drawn especially from Ghana, Liberia and one of the French speaking African countries. 


"Rabbi Joe" Mendelsohn
President, Central City Ministerium 

Part of interdependence is being sensitive to the perceptions of those around us and our speech often determines how we are perceived. What terms are, in our minds, appropriate but can be offensive to others? In 45 minutes we explore these terms or phrases, changing our perspective of ourselves and who we interact with on a daily basis.


Sondra Myers
Senior Fellow for International, Civic and Cultural Projects, University of Scranton

Co-founder of Interdependence Day, author of books, articles and lectures on democracy and the culture of interdependence. Convener of conferences and roundtable discussions on strengthening democracy and the culture of interdependence.


Annette Palutis
Retired Teacher

As a public school teacher for 44 years in the Scranton School District, Ms. Palutis is well aware of the importance of interdependence in our schools. As a community activist, she is also aware of its importance in our community and our nation. 


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